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NOTE: My manuscript Chalice  was awarded SECOND PLACE  in New Zealand's second largest literary award, in the unpublished manuscript category.

This is a picture of the Christchurch Cathedral. On  the left is before the February 2011 earthquake that devastated our city. On the right is ... well, that's how she looked after the earthquake, and I hate to say it, but it's a little worse after the June 'twin' quakes.

We've had lots of earthquakes, a 7.1 magnitude on 4th Sep 2010, and a shallow, close-by 6.3 on 22nd February 2011, and then the 'twins' (5.4 and 6.3) on June 13th..and thousands of aftershocks.

Here you'll learn about me, about what I write and why I write.

Journal of the Wandering Mind is my 'take' on things whilst Channelled Teachings seeks to help people lead a more positive, happier life.

My writing and my spiritual expansion are intertwined. The books that I have written are not just
'my' books, as I received a great deal of assistance from Teachers who work with me and through me. My Soul buddy, Dawn Foster, has been a constant source of support. Thank you, Dawn!

The books that I write will serve as a link between One place of 'knowing' and another.

Spiritual evolution and self mastery are my goals, both of which I fully believe can be achieve as a writer, and taught as a writer. We each have a role in life. Mine is to be a writer and teacher, and they are intertwined to the point where neither stops to let the other take over, they are constant, they are who I am. I am a writer and a teacher.

On this site I will also include guidance that my Teachers have shared with me. Many people actually do channel, but it is often subtle and unnoticed--having the right words to say to a friend in need, calling in on a person at the very second that they need you most. So, I will include some of what I have channelled. My novels also contain channelled material, in fact, it is fiction and channelled information intertwined to such a degree that it is impossible to tell where one leaves off and the other begins.

Self Mastery begins with asking questions, and the need for answers sparks the search. It will be the most fascinating journey you could imagine! We walk that journey together. My novels are all about that journey...

Warmest Regards,





Journal Entry   
2014 Year of Mastery
- 3 March 2014

New: Channelled Teachings
- 30 Aug 2013

Completely redesigned website! My thanks to talented designer, Lisa R Tan, for her design, advice, and direction.




by Robyn M Speed

SECOND PLACE in the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Award 2011

The Key
by Robyn M Speed

WINNER of the
Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Award 2006

Dimensionís Doorway
by Robyn M Speed

MERIT AWARD winner in the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Award 2005



I love people who are...

I love people who are so confident in who they are, so comfortable in their own skin, that they do not need to be unkind to another

Robyn M Speed


The walk of life...

Begin at the beginning
And keep going
Until you reach the end

For the journey you travel
Can only be revealed
Through the steps that you take
Your view is limited to
One step at a time
And no further

So wherever you are
Look around you
Cherish that step

For there will never be
Another like it.

Robyn M Speed


© Robyn M Speed